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The sole objective of Innovatics is building prevailing digital products that stand out to gain a competitive edge for our clients and partners. We, Innovatics, take pride in knowing the notion of bleeding edge technologies, strategic business moves, and radiant business transformation. Unlike yet another conventional product development agency, we focus on business intensification than just product development. Our experience will help you transform a traditional business into a high-tech enterprise with distinctive digital products.


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Our Principle

We keep customers and the team at a focal point to build a holistic environment of growth for all. Standing by our customers with our technical and business expertise to compete with full competence and giving exposure to our team members to lift-up themselves professionally is our principle growth strategy.

About Us

We, Innovatics, aim to position our company as one of the foremost digital product development companies in the world.

After catering to global customers with various IT services under name of Bit01 for more than a 2 decades, we come with a unique idea of identifying the notion of customer behavior so we can build a digital product that is loved by all. With in-depth research and technical expertise, our team can recognize what kind of business product will put the company’s customers in the “Aw” mode.

Whether you want to simplify your complex business process or you want to build a complex product that is unique in your industry, we cover you all. We are versed in transforming businesses digitally as well as transforming business dreams into a working reality.

We amalgamate bleeding edge technology, appealing user interface, supreme business intelligence, unparalleled functional robustness, and our rich business experience with diversified businesses, including the Fortune 500 companies to benefit our clients and partners. We can develop a working solution that can resolve any simple to complex challenges for your business and/or customers.

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Our Expertise

Harness your business dreams with our expertise.

We have a team of passionate developers, designers, business professionals, along with technical specialists. We thrive to bring value to the table for our clients by leveraging the power of various conventional and trending technologies.

Our experience and specialization in different technologies make us the best digital product development company to build any solution for any business. We are skilled in all leading technology sectors including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things), mobile applications, web applications, Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), and more. We know how to foster technology with business intelligence to build an invincible digital product.

We are renowned for our proficiency in building different solutions within stipulated time and budget. We have catered to our global customers with a plethora of IT services and solutions. This exposure helps us benefit our clients with preeminent business solutions.

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What Makes Use Ideal Partner for You?

The foremost reason to choose us as your technology partner is to explore untapped opportunities for your business. Here are some more.

  • Business-Centric

    We work as your partner and not as yet another service provider. This way, we ensure that we give everything to build a victorious solution for you.

  • Promptness

    Our approach of taking prompt actions in the goodwill of our clients is our USP. We make sure to assist clients with our skills and knowledge towards the win.

  • Agility

    We keep upgrading our teams, skills, and tools to make sure, we can help our clients with the most advanced and suitable IT solutions and services.

  • Confidentiality

    We understand the necessity of secrecy of your innovative business ideas and information. Thus, we always keep all information confidential with a signed NDA.

  • Dedication

    We do not take your business as project. Our team involve themselves equally as you to understand your need and deliver your dreams.

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Fostering Business with Innovation

We know customers need innovative solutions. Thus, we aid our clients with our proficiency in identifying the areas of innovation in business processes. We help them sustain a competition with our technical expertise. We are here to make our clients win.

Leadership Team

We take pride in having an experienced, innovative, and pioneering team. We have certified team members that have experience working with different scaled businesses in diversified industry verticals. From Fortune 500 Company to a Local Startup, we have served to all!

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Brij Jardosh

Co-Founder & CEO

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Prakash Parikh

Co-Founder & CTO

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Akash Jain

Businss Development Head

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Mitika Mistry

Non Executive Partner

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Bhavin Mistry

Non Executive Partner


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