Searing topic in Mobile Application World !

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Today, Flutter is a searing topic in Mobile Application World, whether you are an owner who wants to build a mobile application for the business or a developer who has the curiosity to explore the most trending technology in the Mobile Application sphere. You should know what flutter is all about, how it works, advantage and disadvantage of using flutter for your next project.

Google first announced Flutter in May 2017 as an early alpha through Google’s I/O developer conference. It has been designed while keeping multi-platform reach, smooth performance, speedy development and platform integration of native mobile in the eye.

1. Little more about Flutter

  • The best part of Flutter is it comes with no price. Yes, you heard it right! It’s free to use and open source.
  • Flutter allows you to craft native apps on both iOS and Android at the same time with a single code base.
  • About the learning curve, if you are familiar with React Native and habitué using JavaScript then you may require slightly more time to explore Flutter which uses Dart language – object-oriented programing language. Though, if you are familiar with Dart than it’s a piece of cake for you!
  • The other important features of Flutter which you simply cannot ignore are highly customized, quick and appealing widgets. These widgets are easy to use and very performance-oriented.

2. Businesses thinking of making apps, is Flutter a good choice?

  • Being a business owner, the first thing you might think of is to provide user-friendly experience, rich looking interface, accessible to as many consumers and faster turnaround time to hit the market. Fortunately, flutter makes all this possible for you.
  • Its ability to use material design-based widgets, freedom of customization, single codebases for iOS and Android apps and rapid maintenance make flutter a perfect choice for business owners who are looking to build mobile applications for their business.

3. Why Flutter can be a good choice for developers?

  • Working on flutter is not less than a magical moment for developers. It’s great fun.
  • Developers can create faster, reliable and user-friendly mobile apps with a single code approach for iOS and Android.
  • Flutter is compiled to x86 native libraries make it faster in comparison to other available options to build cross-platform apps such as react-native.
  • The biggest advantage developers will get is the ability of Hot Reload which will help to reduce the troubleshooting process.
  • Even if, flutter is in an early stage, community help never seems to be an issue. There are ample documentation and introductory videos available for developers to get insights from.
  • Another plus is Flutter is supported by Google and its support is not only restricted to the framework but also its ecosystem.
  • Flutter’s business logic component pattern allows developers to scale and manage apps easily.

When it is not suitable to go with Flutter?

  • If your app idea requires ample interactions with the operating system or specifically designed for any particular platform such as iOS or Android then you should better go with native development.
  • It gives little less control in compare to native application development.
  • For developers, it is good to study comprehensively about integration with host platforms before choosing Flutter. If the app idea requires adequate integrations then Flutter might not be a suitable option.

To conclude

I think it is surely worth to give Flutter a try. There are number of benefits for both business owners and developers in terms of speed, quality and time.

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