Tips to Use Predictive Analytics for Mobile App Marketing

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Predictive analytics engine is benefiting businesses in multiple ways. Marketing campaigns designed using predictive analytics can surpass expectations and deliver extraordinary results. Read this blog post to know how predictive analytics can be used for effective mobile app marketing.

What is predictive analytics?

Predicting future results or actions by processing available statistical and historical data using predictive models is called predictive analytics. Predictive analytics can be incorporated into multiple segments of businesses. One of the most effective areas to use predictive analytics is marketing.

In the marketing realm, predictive analytics help in predicting user behavior. Thus, marketing campaigns can be devised to be highly personalized to entice users.

There are multiple ways mobile app marketing can boost results using predictive analytics. Being one of the leading technology companies, we will share the top tips to use predictive analytics in mobile app marketing to leverage targeted results:

Identify Marketing Channels

In any marketing campaign, the most effective marketing strategy is: “Reach the right customer at the right time at the right place.”

The predictive analytics solution can help you leverage this benefit. A predictive analytics solution can perform churn analysis, affinity analysis, and response model development to provide a more accurate plan for producing more effective mobile app marketing content and send that at the right time when the user is more likely to respond. Also, the predictive model can identify the communication channel, the user is more likely to check immediately and take a favorable action.

Increase engagement

There are multiple mobile applications that rely on user engagement such as social media apps, beauty apps, dating apps, etc. In this type of apps, predictive analytics can help in offering mobile app marketing strategies that can increase engagement such as:

  • Show content user would like more based on his profile and past interactions
  • Give notifications and reminders on various activities or event occurrences
  • Show profiles, groups, people, etc. that match his specific interest
  • Recommend different activities that match their interest
  • Encourage creating user content
  • And more

Boost Sales

Many mobile applications sell items such as e-commerce applications, aka mCommerce apps, gaming apps with in-app marketing, etc. Mobile app marketing strategy with integrated predictive analytics helps in increasing sales. Here are some of the ideas on how predictive analytics tool help to achieve that:

  • Collect browsing data of a shopper and show display ads of the most browsed products to him on other platforms
  • On purchase of an item, suggest add-ons items. For example, on the purchase of a smartphone show mobile covers, mobile accessories, etc. Here additional items shown to customers will be personalized according to his buying habits in terms of style, cost, brand, etc.
  • Run personalized mobile app marketing to give special offers, coupon codes, etc. for a specific customer to increase sales
  • And more

Wrapping up

Predictive analytics solutions are very precise in analyzing massive data of mobile users or similar profiled customers, build models, and predict future behavior and action of mobile app users. The right predictive solution can maximize results in the same mobile app marketing efforts.

We, at Innovatics, have AI-ML experts that can build predictive analytics for your mobile app and business model. Contact us to know more about it.

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