How Our Dedicated Team Empowered Translate By Humans in Reducing TAT

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How Our Dedicated Team Empowered Translate By Humans in Reducing TAT

Translate By Humans, is a professional language service provider and is headquartered in London, UK. Translate By Humans delivers all services by certified native language experts.

Translate By Humans’ Goals

To remain an industry leader, Translate By Humans wanted to improve turnaround time (TAT) in processing their translations for their clients. They wanted to achieve this without compromising on their accuracy and while maintaining their all-human process of offering language services. They aimed to use AI-ML solutions to create highly relevant translation memories that they could rely on to translate repeated segments of text. To do that, they required a solution that could identify and suggest the correct contextual match for translations, from a database of previously translated text by the company’s native language experts.

Partnership Model Between Translate By Humans and Innovatics

Translate By Humans was looking for a technology partner that fit the following criteria:

  • Could take ownership of the project and provide regular updates
  • Highly agile design framework to assure swift product development
  • Extensive experience in building AI-ML solutions

Innovatics offered a solution that covered all the criteria set forth by Translate By Humans. A dedicated team of five professionals worked full time on developing, testing and launching their visionary product. 

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Solutions Provided by Innovatics

The Innovatics team built an AI-ML solution for creation and storage of translation memories. This AI solution can be used for more than 180 global languages. 

Team Innovatics used various high-impact AI-ML technologies and built a highly scalable solution that stores segments of previously human-translated source text and its corresponding translation into the target language. When the same or a similar segment needs to be translated again, the tool suggests suitable translations, based on the contextual match. This reduces the time native language experts spend on processing segments of text that have already been translated by a human earlier.

Technologies Used:

Pythom, Spacy, NLTK, Tensorflow(Keras), AWS Cloud Services

Results Obtained

The AI solution specifically built for Translate By Humans, helped achieve many benefits. Some of the major results obtained by this solution are below

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22% reduction in costs incurred - repeated segments no longer need to be translated manually

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38% reduction in average TAT with the translation memory database

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17% improvement in customer satisfaction as a result of faster TAT

Customer Testimonial

Learn more out what our partner agencies and clients has to say about our capabilities, support and experience.

  • Everything from design to implementation has been a breeze with the dedicated team at Innovatics. Innovatics has been a great partner in ensuring our product comes to life!

    – CEO, Ronak Thakkar

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How Our Dedicated Team Empowered Translate By Humans in Reducing TAT

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