Holistic Digital Products to Unlock Untapped Opportunities

We, Innovatics, are a foremost full cycle product development company. We build aggregated digital solutions to empower businesses. Our innovative intellect amalgamates technological advancement to harness enterprises. Moreover, our savvy experts specialize in business intelligence and analytical tools to aid our clients to transform their products and businesses digitally. We have a proven track record of bringing remarkable business mushrooming sales by conversion rate optimization and amplified client satisfaction.

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Mobile Apps

Being the fastest growing mobile app development company, we have catered to numerous customers across the globe. We are renowned for building apps that are engaging, lightweight, and result oriented. Our expert mobile app developers specialize in conventional to modern mobile app development technologies and tools. We have benefited startup, small and medium businesses, and large scaled enterprises with our client centric mobile app development services. Whether you want to build a yet another utility app to get a white label solution or you want to drive the world crazy with a unique mobile app, we are here to assist you.

Our offerings cover:
  • Native iOS app development
  • Native Android app development
  • Cross platform app development
  • Wearable app development

Web Solutions

We, Innovatics, take pride in being one of the leading website application development companies. Our team of experienced and certified web developers renders tailored web development services for our customers. At the commencement of your digital journey with a marketing website to boosting your growth backed with a web app for your IoT product, we covered you completely. We offer web development services in diversified development technologies to build robust, secure, and scalable web applications and web portals.

Our offerings cover:
  • Custom website development
  • Web application development
  • Full stack development
  • Responsive web app development
  • PWA (Progressive Web App) development
  • E-commerce store development
  • CMS development
  • ERP software development
  • And more
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BI Tools

Elevate business success by leveraging the true power of BI (Business Intelligence). Transform your business digitally or modernize certain existing processes, we ensure you the success with our BI services. We have expertise in extracting the future from the present data analytics so businesses can enhance performance, save money, and skyrocket the growth.

Our BI experts have master major BI tools:

  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Plotly

We can serve you with our BI tools proficiency to:

  • Modernize existing tools and processes
  • Integrate BI tools into your existing system
  • Decode the results of BI tools
  • BI tool selection
  • Simplified data visualization
  • Data warehousing
  • And more

Machine Learning & AI

Make your business agile, safeguarded, and stronger with AI solutions. We can help you add automation in your business process to maximize ROIs (Revenue over Investments) as well as we can assist you to build a futuristic and innovative AI product to capture the untouched business opportunities.

We specialize in different pioneering AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) development technologies, frameworks, engines, and tools:

  • TensorFlow
  • OpenNN
  • Caffe
  • Apache Mahout
  • Apache SystemML
  • Torch
  • Neuroph
  • Mycroft AI
  • Google Dialogflow
  • And more

We can assist you in satisfying your all AI and ML related needs with our expert services:

  • AI engine consultation
  • AI consultation
  • ML consultation
  • Chatbots (Conversational AI)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Virtual Try-on
  • Image processing & recognition
  • Behaviour analysis
  • Emotion analysis
  • Predictive analysis
  • And more
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Cloud Computing

Invigorate your business infrastructure with our cloud consulting services. We can help you move your digital products and IT infrastructure to the cloud platform to bring the benefits of cloud computing for your business. We also foster cloud benefits such as boosted performance, enhanced throughput, empowered security, etc. with our wide array of cloud computing services. We can help you to select, move, and migrate to the cloud platforms. We master the complete spectrum of cloud platforms to benefit our clients.

  • AWS (Amazon Web Server)
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Watson
  • Microsoft LUIS
  • Azure
  • Rasa

Analytics Consulting

Discover hidden possibilities lying in the real interaction for your business success pursuit. We can help you with our data analytics proficiency to recognize user behaviour, market opportunities, and business growth breakthrough. Whether you want to launch another product in your offering bouquet, or you want to launch another business branch, or just want to augment the conversion rate for an existing business, our analytics experts can help you wholly. Fret not! All your data and information will always stay confidential at all the point. Our proficiency in different analytics tools makes us versed to benefit our customers with the true power of the business data.

  • Web Analytics
  • App Analytics
  • Business KPI Reports
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Tech Intelligence We Add to Your Product to Augment Performance

We benefit our clients by using our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to lift up the performance and augment overall results. We help them choose, implement, and use the most suitable AI engine or tool.

  • Recommendation Engine

    An AI engine which classifies behaviour patterns and predicts consumer decisions. Based on this insightful data, it recommends the next preferable items to the consumer.

  • Chatbots

    Chatbots automate the process of customer support and service by working as a support rep. It learns from collected data and improvises itself to do better.

  • Image Processing

    AI excels in image processing to identify, arrange, categorize, and process the images for hassle-free use. AI engines can work on numerous images in a second.

  • Predictive Health Monitoring

    Machine learning has AI engines which not only identify the symptoms, but also help in the effective diagnosis based on the current health conditions of the patient.

  • Voice Commanded Smart Homes

    A perfect amalgamation of IoT with AI empowers smart homes. The smart homes let people take various actions on their voice commands.

Industries We Cater

We are renowned for catering all diversified industry verticals and distinct scales of businesses. We have hands on experience in satisfying the needs of customers transacting in various industries. Some of the major projects handled by us are in the below mentioned verticals.

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From a small automobile shop website to a comprehensive on-demand web and mobile solution development, we can assist you with our tech all-inclusive expertise to stand out by using the top digital tools. We have benefited many companies in this industry to reach millions of global users by leveraging the advantages of digitization and AI tools.

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From traditional solutions such as website and mobile app to the unconventional system to boost sales with machine learning implementation, we have benefited insurance industries in multiple ways. From an aspiring startup to the largest insurance chain in the world, we have catered to all with our top to bottom tech services and rich industry experience.

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Building digital products for the media industry needs experience, expertise, and creativity. Our team has the perfect blend of all three. Building the apps and websites which are lightweight and engaging is our forte. We have built diversified websites, mobile apps, and other digital solutions for this industry. Our proficiency in using “Recommendation Engine” makes media apps even more successful.

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Our affluent experience of working with the FMCG industry makes us an ideal partner for you. We can help you with our wide array of services from consultancy to research, designing, development, quality assurance, and business scale-up. We help the FMCG industry build digital solutions that are competitively advanced in the industry.

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We specialize in building digital tools by leveraging the power of AI engines to empower the healthcare industry. We have developed numerous healthcare apps, which not only satisfy the demand of the industry, but also assure international standard compliance such as HIPPA compliance. Hospitals, pharmacies, individual clinics, we have experience of making a solution for all.

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Our understanding of the market demand helps many educational institutes and individual entrepreneurs to build highly proactive learning solutions that everyone loves. Mobile learning apps furnished with intuitive features to empower educators and to benefit learners can help in building a thriving business model.

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Taking a retail business to a global scale is what our experts are proficient in. From an e-commerce web store to m-commerce app development, we cover you all. We also specialize in uplifting retail businesses on the digital landscape with our deep knowledge of the industry and cleverness of using AI tools.

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Enterprise Solution

We augment already established businesses with our enterprise centric solutions and services. Excelling with the existing IT solution or building a modernized digital product to elevate the enterprise to the next level, we cover all.

  • Technical consultation
  • Digital transformation
  • Cloud computing
  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Business intelligence
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Startup Solution

We assist startup with our full spectrum of services to make their pace faster. We are here to nurture, build, and grow startup business ideas with our technical expertise and innovation during different phases.

  • Prototype
  • MVP development
  • Product development
  • Quality assurance
  • Product launch
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

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