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Conquer your toughest business challenges with Data & AI

We are specialized in expediting transformation and delivering human-centered experiences. With our expertise, we transform complexity into clarity and business uncertainties into data driven opportunities.

Our mission is to equip organizations with tools for smarter decisions, unique experiences, and sustained growth, ensuring they lead in today’s competitive landscape. We’re committed to leveraging our expertise to optimize your business for success.

Conquer your toughest business challenges with <span> Data & AI</span>
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Why Choose Us?

At Innovatics, we have a dedicated team of data analytics & ai consultants who are passionate dreamers, dedicated doers, and accountable partners in your journey to success. Fueled by our passion for data, we are one of top consulting firms that commit to go beyond ideas, turn data into action and achieve tangible results.

We seamlessly provide end to end data analytics, data strategy, data engineering and AI consulting services in USA, Australia, Canada and India.

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Rapid AI & Data Analytics Solutions

Build a robust data analytics & AI foundation in your company with our data consulting services, to unveil hidden growth insights.

Unleash the full potential of your marketing efforts with the MAP programme. Identify marketing success factors, strategically target your audience, and predict future trends with unparalleled precision.

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Marketing Analytics

Involve with us in our PGA programme to pinpoint product growth opportunities for your product, helping you innovate and meet customer expectations effortlessly.

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Product Analytics

Streamline operations and reduce costs with optimized supply chain strategies, creating a more agile, efficient, and profitable business.

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Supply Chain Analytics

Equip your financial team with the tools and insights they need to make strategic decisions, boost financial performance, and drive your business forward.

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Finance Analytics

Put your customers at the forefront of every decision with customer data analytics. Leverage AI and analytics to lean your focus on customers needs & earn loyalty to achieve sustainable growth.

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Customer Analytics
marketing analytics

For Whom It can Solve Problems

Unlocking business potential through data Excellence.
Unveiling the power of AI & analytics for top level leaders.

Ready to Innovate your Business Strategy with Advanced Data Analytics and AI?

Get a Custom Solution

We recognize the transformative potential of insights derived from data. Connect with us to equip businesses to unearth valuable information, and unveil concealed opportunities through both ready-made and custom solutions.


Discovery phase

During this session, we’ll discuss your data needs, specific goals, and the pain points you aim to address with our custom ai and analytics solutions.


Designing your custom solution

As we gain a deep understanding of your requirements, we allow you to harness the full potential of our AI consulting services and we craft a customized solution designed to meet your exact needs.


Implementation & support

After finalizing the solution, we’ll seamlessly integrate it into your operations. Our team provides ongoing support, ensuring that the solution continues to deliver optimal results.

Custom Solution

Start by scheduling a consultation with our expert team.

Schedule a Data Strategy Meeting

Companies for which we have shaped the future

Join a growing community of forward-thinking enterprises who have chosen Innovatics as their trusted partner in advanced data analytics company and AI consulting service. Our expertise is driving innovation, enhancing operations, and delivering measurable impact across industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In our commitment to provide you with the best experience, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that can help clarify any doubts you may have. If you don’t find your answer please don't hesitate to contact us.

At Innovatics, we leverage advanced data analytics and AI methodologies to drive strategic growth for your brand. Our Data and AI services aim to offer unique experiences for your brand, employees, and your customers for ultimate growth.

Innovatics offers rapid data and analytics solutions, including marketing analytics, product growth analytics, supply chain optimization, finance analytics, and customer-first strategy analytics, along with other custom solutions tailored to your business needs. We also specialize in data strategy, data engineering, data analytics & BI, AI, and cloud transformation.

To schedule a consultation and discuss an AI and data strategy for your organization, you can start by filling out the consultation form on our website. You can also connect us by mail or phone. One of our experts will then reach out to understand your requirements and schedule an in-depth meeting.

The timeline can vary based on the complexity of your requirements, but we follow a structured process- starting with 4-6 weeks of discovery phase, designing and developing, implementation, and ongoing support. During the initial discovery phase, we will better understand your needs and provide an estimated timeline.

Yes, absolutely. Developing custom AI strategies tailored to unique business contexts is one of Innovatics' core strengths. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your goals, challenges, and requirements in order to design an effective custom AI strategy.

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