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Global Media & Entertainment Leader's Tableau Adoption Journey

Global Media & Entertainment Leader's Tableau Adoption Journey
  • Industry
    Media & Entertainment
  • Domain
    Advanced Analytics & AI
  • Location
  • Date
    09 June, 2022

Client Background

The client is a global market leader in the Media and Entertainment industry. With a diversified business and a global presence, the client sourced data from multiple origins, including social media platforms, in-house customer data, subscriptions and content usage data, promotional campaign data, and streaming data from various platforms like mobile apps, TV, and web.

Problem Statement

The client faced several challenges due to the enormous and exponentially growing data sets they were dealing with. They initially used DOMO as their Business Intelligence solution, but they encountered limitations in terms of scalability, performance, and the amount of data that could be imported and processed. Additionally, as data processing was done on the cloud, retrieving data was time-consuming. The client needed a solution to collect and consolidate their diverse data into a single Business Intelligence tool to generate valuable insights.

The Solution

Innovatics, an advanced analytics & Ai company, undertook the project to address the client's challenges. They proposed re-engineering and migrating all the DOMO dashboards to Tableau, with Snowflake as the data warehouse. Tableau was chosen for its scalability and ability to handle large data sets efficiently. Tableau's real-time analysis capabilities, along with the option to keep connections live or retrieve data on the Tableau server, made it an ideal choice.

  • Migrating 150+ dashboards from DOMO to Tableau, which utilized multiple data sources.
  • Moving 550+ diversified datasets from various sources to a single source, Snowflake.
  • Adapting the DOMO dashboard designs, layouts, and calculations to Tableau, which presented significant differences.

Overcoming Challenges

Innovatics employed a phased approach to overcome the challenges and ensure a smooth transition:

Innovatics Phased Approach

The migration was carried out in phases, with five teams working in sync and daily stand-up meetings to track progress. This approach ensured a smooth transition and minimized disruption.


The dashboard designs and calculations were optimized in Tableau to replicate the results achieved in DOMO. This ensured consistency and accuracy in the generated insights.

Reverse Engineering

Skilled BI developers reverse engineered and recreated the DOMO dashboards in Tableau. Around 90% of calculation logic was successfully translated, ensuring a seamless transition and maintaining data accuracy.

Data Consolidation

Critical data points and dashboards were identified, and ETL pipelines were created to bring the data from multiple sources to Snowflake, a single-source database system. This streamlined the data and improved accessibility.

Deployment Strategy

Smaller datasets were published as extracts with incremental refresh, reducing computing time. Larger datasets were published live on the server to improve performance and optimize server space.


Tableau’s scalability allowed for managing larger datasets and accommodating more users without performance issues. This ensured that the solution could handle the growing data requirements of the client.

The Ultimate Outcome

The collaboration between Innovatics and the client resulted in the following achievements:

The Ultimate Outcome
  • Successfully migrated 150+ reports from DOMO to Tableau.
  • Reduced computing time by 80% using incremental refresh.
  • Decreased query computing time by 60%.
  • Achieved a 200-300% improvement in visual load time.


Innovatics’s expertise and innovative solutions proved instrumental in overcoming the challenges faced by the global media and entertainment leader. By migrating 150+ dashboards from DOMO to Tableau and leveraging Snowflake as the data warehouse, Innovatics revolutionized the client’s business intelligence capabilities.

The results speak for themselves: computing time reduced by 80%, query computing time decreased by 60%, and a remarkable 200-300% improvement in visual load time. These outstanding outcomes demonstrate the power of leveraging Tableau’s scalability and real-time analysis capabilities.

Innovatics’s phased approach, data consolidation efforts, reverse engineering prowess, and optimization techniques resulted in a seamless transition and accurate replication of the client’s dashboard designs. Furthermore, the deployment strategy, scalability, and performance optimization measures implemented by Innovatics further amplified the efficiency and impact of the solution.

With Innovatics’s assistance, the client now possesses a robust and agile business intelligence infrastructure that can effortlessly handle enormous data sets, generate valuable insights, and drive informed decision-making. Innovatics’s commitment to excellence and transformative solutions has set a new benchmark in the advanced analytics service industry.

By partnering with Innovatics, businesses across industries can unlock the true potential of their data and propel their organizations towards unparalleled success. Experience the power of migration and optimization with Innovatics, the catalyst for data-driven innovation.

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