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Why Data Strategy Consulting

We believe that a well-defined data strategy consulting offers a structured approach to collecting, storing, and processing data. A solid structure allows firms to adapt to changing business demands and capitalize on new possibilities.

Innovatics can aid your organization with a long-term data strategy roadmap which guides you in allocation and optimization of resources. In addition we assist with data strategy consulting services to give directions to your business goals and various organizational activities. Ultimately helping your company facilitating profitable growth with above-average returns.

Why Data <span>Strategy</span> Consulting


of all digital data is unstructured and hence requires a data strategy as per CIO


business say that they have received value from implementing big data initiatives


average ROI is witnessed for enterprises using business intelligence & data and analytics strategy

How We Can Add Value

In the past years we have witnessed an explosion in data volume, data variety, which is outpacing value. This change in dynamics has left many CIO’s and CDO’s grappling with compromised data foundations, rendering data more a liability than an asset.

Our enterprise data strategy understanding goes beyond acknowledging the issues; it delves into proactive solutions. Our fragmented approach to data management is devoid of cohesion, it takes care of siloed sources, inconsistencies, and overcomes challenges in accessing and analyzing data across departments. This is where our robust data strategy consulting services come into play.

How We Can <span>Add Value</span>

Addressing Challenges and Unleashing Potential

Our enterprise data strategy approach aims to bridge the gap between the ideal and the real, aligning your data capabilities with business objectives. We go beyond mere recognition of challenges; we provide concrete solutions. By establishing a centralized data governance framework, we ensure coherence. Standardizing protocols for data collection, storage, and analysis, our approach is poised to transform your data into a true asset, driving business success. Embrace a data strategy that propels you forward – where potential meets reality.
Addressing <span>Challenges</span> and Unleashing Potential

Innovatics Discovery Workshop

Innovatics Discovery Workshop, collaboration is key. We bring together our expertise in advanced data analytics and AI strategy with your domain knowledge. Together, we explore possibilities and chart a course for transformative data solutions.

Assessing Your Data Ecosystem
Assessing Your Data Ecosystem

Our journey begins with a comprehensive analysis of your existing data infrastructure. By assessing the intricacies of your current data landscape, we gain valuable insights into its strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding Your Challenges
Understanding Your Challenges

At Innovatics, we believe in addressing challenges head-on. During the workshop, we listen intently to your unique pain points and challenges. Whether it's decision-making delays, data trust issues, or monetary obstacles, your concerns become our focal point.

Aligning with Business Goals
Aligning with Business Goals

The success of any data strategy lies in its alignment with your broader business objectives. Through open discussions, we explore your immediate and long-term goals, ensuring that our data solutions are not just effective but integral to your overall business strategy.

Crafting an Effective Data Strategy Roadmap
Crafting an Effective Data Strategy Roadmap

Armed with a profound understanding of your data landscape and business aspirations, we embark on crafting a bespoke data strategy roadmap. This roadmap is not a one-size-fits-all; rather, it's a tailored guide outlining the strategic steps to overcome challenges, optimize processes, and achieve your business objectives.


Our Approach - Craft a Perfect Data Strategy with Us

Uncover the intricacies of your organization's data landscape through an in-depth Discovery Phase


Pinpoint specific business requirements and craft a tailored data strategy


Evaluate your existing data architecture, and establish a robust governance framework


Leverage advanced analytics and AI expertise to create tailored models and algorithms


Seamlessly integrate the developed solutions into your current systems and workflows


Continuously monitor implemented solutions, analyze results to optimize performance


Ready to Transform your Business with a Robust Data Strategy?

Optimize Your Data Strategy
Discover the Essence<br> of Modern Data <span>Architecture</span>

Discover the Essence
of Modern Data Architecture

Our modern data architecture approach is a comprehensive framework for handling the complexities of data in contemporary computing. This approach involves diverse data sources, real-time ingestion, and storage in data lakes and warehouses.

The architecture supports both batch and stream processing using distributed cloud consulting, ensuring scalability. Data integration through ETL processes and governance measures for quality and security are integral to us.

Data<br> <span>Governance</span> with Innovatics

Governance with Innovatics

Our approach to help you govern your data is all about quality, security, and proper utilization of data across an organization. We understand that Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Quality (DQ) are integral components of our data governance approach. Our automation tools also play a significant role in implementing and enforcing these practices.

Additionally, we fully leverage our partnerships with key platforms like DBT, Snowflake, Redshift, and Azure SQL, showcasing our expertise in cutting-edge technologies.

  • Successfully executed and delivered over 150+ data programs meeting deadlines and budgets

  • Proficient in various data platforms and hyperscalers

  • We have an expertise in delivering data for AI and applying AI techniques on data

  • Cross industry experience for solutions to align with specific sector needs

  • Data monetization expertise that helps clients to unlock the value of their data

Our Exposure: Navigating Data Excellence with Innovatics

Our Exposure: Navigating Data Excellence with Innovatics

Our Data Science Services showcase a rich tapestry of expertise, propelling your organization into a future where data-driven decisions drive success. Discover the power of exposure with Innovatics – where innovation meets data and analytics for a brighter tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In our commitment to provide you with the best experience, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that can help clarify any doubts you may have. If you don’t find your answer please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Innovatics data discovery workshop is a collaborative session to assess your data ecosystem, understand challenges, align with goals, and create a tailored data strategy roadmap.

Without a data strategy, businesses face challenges such as operational inefficiency, missed opportunities, and poor customer understanding. This leads to inconsistent data, unreliable outcomes, and difficulty in making informed decisions. Additionally, managing risks becomes more complex without data-driven insights.

We ensure scalability by leveraging the power of modern data architecture with diverse sources, data lakes/warehouses, distributed cloud consulting, ETL processes, and governance.

We are a technology agnostic organization; and can adopt various tools and technology required to address your business pain areas. However, for an idea there are few tools and technologies we use: Snowflake, Databricks, Azure, AWS, GCP, Power BI, Tableau, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Rasa, Python, Pyspark etc.

You can start by scheduling a consultation, attend a discovery workshop, try our data strategy consulting services, and leverage expertise for implementation. You can also get started by reaching us by filling contact us from. One of our data experts will connect to assist you.